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Great [18 Oct 2005|02:13pm]
[ mood | Meh ]

so i made people cry, met new people, got called an asshole and a whole lot more but to lazy to update this is just kinda a ummmm dont cancel this account livejournal update haha?

PS~Totally got a random call last night and it Baffled me..... You know who you are

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Hmph [16 Oct 2005|08:33pm]
Totally forgot my password, remembered it, OWNED!
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Ahhhh yes.... [27 May 2005|02:53pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

So today is gonna be a crappy day, I think anyway. But at least my plan of wakin up at 1ish is goin good so far cause i have not gotten up any later then 130 go me. im gettin bored with my computer so i think im gonna download mozilla cause ya ie is makin me mad. this is gonna be the most random journal ever also haha. i also got alkaline trios new cd but i have not listened to it yet. i also found out that my sis wants to go to cali with us. what else to say..... o yes yesterday night when i got off work i hung out with cj and dave and got to listen to them rant a bit which is alright and then me and cj tried to go to xsport and had signs that that place didnt want us there so here is what happened with that.

1~go to xsport
2~dont have drivers license
3~go back to my house to get it
4~drive back to xsport
5~wait in line for a guest pass
6~"guests are not allowed in till after six"
7~hit a shopping cart with cjs car, also known as owning the cart

ahhhh yes we need to do that more often, it was quite a laugh and i wanted to piss my self, neither one of us thought that it would do what it did. what you expect is a smashing sound and it falling over. but noooooooooo this cart went all out. *mimicks funnest sound ever while watching cart basically back flip and do all kinds of funny shit*. to think we were only doin like 10 haha next time we will be doing 15 dum dum dum. o yes that is all for now my fellow idiots. goodbye

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United Pot Smokers..? [24 May 2005|03:10am]
[ mood | content ]

What kinda shit is that? If someone can wear a shirt that says United Pot Smokers then why cant some one wear a shirt that says Under Paid Slaves? Anyway i got home early today and realized there is shit to do but go to sleep early so guys, guess what, i'm gonna go to sleep early so i can get up early :) I also have to remember to send John a letter.... Note to self, actually do that..... family guy marathon is moved to next week i think so if you want in lemme know, goodnight all and i love all my friends, you know who you are, i hope, if not ask ;)

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*Yawn* [23 May 2005|02:10pm]
[ mood | content ]

So im tired, awake but tired. Im gonna try this new thing called, lets not sleep untill wee hours of the morning haha. Plans for today? Who knows, maybe i will find something to do if not i will tell everyone later, cheech and chong are on and im gonna go watch that now :)

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O' ya [21 May 2005|11:31pm]
[ mood | Intrested ]

Next week Family Guy Marathon (quite possibly that is, and yes im gonna start updating this fun old thing again :) bahahahahahahahaahahha, ok really now that is all) lemme know if you guys want in on the good ol' Family Guy Marathon also now known as FGM as Kip says "Peace out"

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SOAD is Fun [21 May 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

"choking chicks and sodemy"
"La la la lalala la"

Wow 10$ says no one checks this anymore haha, that is all for now, Shaun of the Dead is more important ;)

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Growl...! [09 Mar 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So yes everyone its been a few days since my last update. I wont make this to long because i dont really think anyone reads it so i dont want to waste my time. To start its time for a new job because im being fucked with to much at ups. the only new thing that im realy doing is learning bass, yes its fun. also i have been hanging out with the old friends of mine, this is also fun as hell. met some new people they seem cool also. hopesfall new cd rules. elisa is pissed off at me for oversleepin. hmmmm i hate everything *funny face and gives thumbs up* and i heard the funniest thing ever! Jamies boyfriend broke up with her because he is goin back out with his ex hahahahaha! ahhh yes serves the bitch right :) i think im going to have a family gut marathon next saturday so anyone want to join? if not then i wont have it. i dont know im dont ranting for now. its nice talkin to you all again, and if u read this leave me a messages so i know tht people do and i will update more often.

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im to tired for your shit.... [10 Jan 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | Decent ]

that is the thing of the year, if someone makes me mad all I have to say is i’m to tired for your shit and leave it at that, will it work, probably not but I don’t care haha. so yes how do you guys like my random updates that come in huge spurts haha, I think its fun to do cause I never know what the hell is going on. so I will clue you in, Christmas eve by my house was great and Elisa came out so that made it fun, then Christmas day Elisa called me an asshole but yes didn’t care haha cause I was hoping she didn’t mean it and she CLAIMS she didn’t. I believe here haha. what does that leave, new years, hung out with everyone again and it was fun, CJ sorry for not being around as much as I used to be, Zeismer, I had a hell of a time with you also that day, Dave and Dave the best I can say about you is "I’m from out of town" haha. my sis was there also she made it quite interesting, CJ stole tickets from a garbage can for the Ferris wheel and that was funny as hell. who else was there, of course Elisa was there haha she made it.....well she made it haha :p and were all glad that she wanted to go minus the fact we got kinda sick haha. Greder was there and she was just being Greder, there is not much to say other then that. Mikey was also there well he was ummmm..... Mikey? and we all got to watch a bunch of 13 y/o's ROCK ASS! Joe ward was also just being Joe yard, stole some signs from the train. and mmmm I think that’s all for the downtown experience but I might be lying so if I am sorry I missed ya. what else is going on..... ups wants to make me a belt tender so I’m excited about that haha but who knows when that will happen. I also finally registered for classes. lastly mike is going away now and he will be missed and perhaps I will visit him but that is unknown to all cause I don’t know what life will be like in the next few days. I also went to see the blue man group and they FUCKIN ROCKED ASS!!! We all need to go and see them together so if you want to go lemme know cause we can get tickets discounted for groups haha, they did so much fun shit and then we ate afterwards so Lise thank you so much for that present cause if fuckin ruled so much cock and ass haha. other then that I really think I’m done with this update it was a lot of rambling done by me lmao so ummmm ya. see you all on the flip side(wow that’s gay ill try it again) *backspace backspace backspace* I will talk to all of you guys later hopefully. I love you all, well most all, well probably not a lot of you but some of you haha :)

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holy shit [07 Dec 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | Funky ]

ok so its been a very long time since my last update, a lot has happened so I will just skip the bs and start telling you all what’s up. to start, me and Elisa are going out and that’s the best thing that’s happened in my life hehe *hugs* what else, I bought an xbox haha that’s fun right? :p work sucks I fucked up my back so I'm on semi light duty which to me rocks major ass haha. being a belt tender rules its so much better then loading a truck. I’m very stressed bout school and I have a lot of assignments due soon so I may wanna get started on those haha, and since I have been going out with Elisa not a day has went past where I was not happy so I’m excited bout that haha. I meant to keep on posting that but I never had time so sorry Elisa but now everyone knows haha(as if they didn’t already haha). Christmas is coming and I’m not done shopping but I got 2 people done and that is Elisa and my dad haha. I have my mom to finish and my sis to finish, o yes and the fun will begin cause my aunt and uncle are coming out for Christmas haha. plans for Christmas eve and Christmas are as follow: Christmas eve, Elisa is coming out here and sleeping over and stuff, Christmas I think were going to her house(I may b wrong though haha). I’m also glad that the three of us (me Elisa and Poofter) are hanging out again haha. I’m to lazy to finish updating cause I need to get ready for work so I will maybe finish later(doubtful) haha. good bye all.

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Hey all..... [25 Oct 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Hey there guys, how is everyone, i am single again.....Kitty thanks for the comment seems as if though you are the only one that cared :/ o well Kitty i love you in a non homosexual kinda way haha we need to hang out again..... hmmmmm statesville this saturday so if anyone wants to come lemme know, what else can i say? im bored and i hate school haha amen to that Laura :p glad to hear you and Tony are doin good. im kinda bored so i ahve been playin unreal a lot cause its still fun no matter how many times you play it haha. Amy i wish you best of luck with Joe, Mike, when are we goin women huntin for you? lemme know and i will see if i can do sumthin then. actually better yet come out with us on saturday. so get sum money cause i plan on goin to the haunted house (25$) and then there are gonna be some more plans. wht are they i dunno so lemme know. and if anyone else wants to go to statesville lemme know. i have sum people goin so its ok but yes that is all for this update....asta all, i have a headache so im gonna go to bed, o yes, i got into a car accident as if anyone cares so goodbye.....

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[ mood | cranky ]

Hey look guys, another update, what are you gonna do its like im on a role here its 2 in the past like 6 weeks haha. really not much to say here other then i miss everyone, as usual, i hate work, i hate school, im bored and wanna only be with my friends cause i have no life :( which actually REALLY saddens me so i should like go cry like an emo kid right? we will see if anyone actually reads this now, talk to me and ask me about the bowling thing if you wana go haha cause ya that will be the only time that i can see all the old friends, well you all probaly think im dead or something but whatever, the only new thing with me is that one of my classes finished so now fridays im free so guys come get me to do something untill i have to go to work, i love you all and miss you all. but yes as i said fridays should be fun, i may not be myself for a while but i will loosen up again with all you guys hehe. dont worry, and why the fuck wont they send me my motherfuckin court date, im sick and tired of fuckin waiting for that stupid mother fuckin thing, as you can see its really fuckin pissin me off cause i dont have my fuckin license, grrrrrrr o well they better send the fuckin thing soon! wow what a long and totally pointless update, but hey its an update right? haha ya i figure if i dont update soon then livejournal will probably kick me off or something so i had to atleast do a litte update which actually turned into a little big update haha, lastly im on a quest to get all the sims games so if you can help me lemme know cause that would totaly rock major ass haha(PC versions). that is all i think im done anyway. goodbye all that read this, which is very few and i know it is, but feel free to prove me wrong by commenting haha. asta all ~Pete

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[06 Oct 2004|05:14pm]
i should update shouldnt i?
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Sainthood [03 Sep 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well it has been a very long time since I last updated and for some odd reason the questions I seem to get a lot are how are you and Amy so I figure I will answer that first. me and Amy are great :) we have been going out for a month on the first hehe. so yes that answers that haha. what else to say? I'm sleep deprived and I need sleep badly...work is fun and I don’t know weather I should be a supervisor or not since they want me to be(its not as good as it sounds). but yes I have the option on taken that job or not. school is going pretty good minus the fact all my teachers make shit up as they go(its kinda funny sometimes but when I’m awake and stuff it sucks). people still refuse to talk to me so whatever. also we played softball a few days ago and I felt SO out of place and don’t think that half the people there wanted me there so...? yes yes also CJ's party is going to be on Saturday and I will be going there. a lil later then most everyone else but I will be there, so CJ look out for me hehe. so that is all for now so bye bye. "I love all those who need love. I hate all those who love hate."

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Finally [23 Aug 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | goofy ]

wow I finally have time to sit down and update. its been like what all of 2 weeks haha. well things for me are going good which I like but that means something will go wrong cause that’s how it always is. school started for me today and so far classes don’t seem to bad but like I said SO FAR haha. some people have homework as opposed to me, I don’t have homework bahaha. so yes people seem to be avoiding me so in all seriousness fuck you :) ok so that may be harsh but to bad. some people are getting quite fond of me so that’s cool ya win some ya loose some shit happens I plan to not bitch about it. me and Amy are doing great ya gotta love that :) but in all honestly not much has been going on lately. I got out of school a lil early today so that’s cool. also work is great cause I love overtime hahaha. I get paid good there so its all good. I'm also investing in a CD player and new speakers cause I think then truck can use them, o yes and also some new tires haha. and eventually I will get around to the exhaust. but for now CD player and speakers. I also need to buy a camera damnit haha. ok that is all for now cause I need to go bitch yet again about this gay phone. so goodbye to all for now :) hehe asta. o yes Amy you rock lmao but not as hard as I do cause I rock at everything hehe.

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i think? [21 Aug 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ya I think I need to update so I will do it later haha. That is all for now.

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Why? [13 Aug 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

hey all how are you all doin? I'm doin peachy. my aunt and uncle are coming in tomorrow and I think there probably going to wake me up when they get here haha but that’s ok. any who I got to see Amy yesterday and I got excited cause I was no where near late lmao lyl Amy. but what is there really to say. work fuckin blew ass yesterday I was in 3 different trailers. the first one sucked and I had to fix it and I didn’t think it could get much worse. then I went to the second trailer and ya it was 100x worse. it was so bad that I got a dollar to get myself something to drink and an extra break from the head supervisor(supervisor of the supervisors haha) and then my supervisor also gave me a dollar so I got myself something to eat also haha. and then I got back and still had to deal with that trailer but it was not that bad after cause the head supervisor helped me out and we chatted to help the time go by and then he had to go and he told me I’m a great worker that does not mind having to bust his ass hehe. I found it funny haha. but after all that I finished that trailer and they wanted me to go into a trailer that was fucked up again and I told them I’m not going alone so to have someone go in there with me cause I refused to do it alone. so I got some help and they put me in there and it was fun cause me and Marco had fun with it haha. ya we so didn’t load that trailer right but shit happens haha. other then that that was all the fun stuff at work until I get paid overtime for staying an hour an 20 minutes later cause I felt like it haha. I’m pretty sure they pay time n a half also so that’s great for me this check should be decent cause I’ve worked 5 hours everyday plus an extra hour n 20 minutes hehe. then I came home and talked to my dad cause he was getting up and getting ready to go to work. then I commented in my gals journal and went to sleep. I woke up today and realized it was 3 and got up and took care of some things and then here I am now haha. so for now that is all cause this update is kinda long its only about what happened in like 2 days haha so goodbye for now and lyl Amy and I will talk to you all later. also you guys don’t have much time to tell me if you want to go to game works or not so hurry if you want to go were going to go on Sunday and then stay for a while. its 25$ for 4 hours and I think its like 2 dollars more to add an hour haha so its cool and we may stay for a long time haha. so as I said for now that is all cause I got to get ready for work and stuff so I know Amy is reading this hehe cause she always does after work. hehe so that is all for now goodbye all. o yes I had an amazing time at Amy’s house again yesterday and it was even better cause I was no where near late haha.

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God? [12 Aug 2004|04:16pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

well yes that’s an old favorite song, I remember killing that song right Josh/Jess? ya I miss the good ol days also Nikki but I don’t think any of that will ever go back to normal cause its oddness and awkwardness towards us all I think, or at least toward some people. but yes reminiscing is weird. so on to new times, I still don’t have anyone saying that they want to go to game works with me so fuck you all haha j/k you guys are going to b missin out not me :) hmmm yes yes Amy is lots of fun even though I'm like almost late to work everyday haha but hey that’s ok right? ok I need to shower haha. and I know Amy is reading this when she gets off work so hey hey....:) haha. Hmmm what else is there to say? not a whole lot other than my aunt and uncle come in on Saturday and I don’t work then so Amy can meet them both instead of just my aunt haha. haven’t seen them in like a long time so it will be fun and interesting. if mike starts talking to me again I can ask him if he wants to go to game works cause if I'm not mistaken they have air hockey hehe. but w/e its up to him to talk to me. Hmmm I don’t know what else to say other then thank god Amy is happy again cause I dunno what she was mad bout and she wont tell me hehe. so that is all for now cause I got lots of stuff to take care of before work so goodbye to all that read this. lyl Amy and see ya later.....

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Sigh.... [10 Aug 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

so yes today I'm tired as hell work was a bitch last night. o well I’m lazy now haha so it don’t matter. yes I smell like a pig after work and drink LOTS of water and have to pee for like 10 minutes haha but its worth it, school is taken care of as is a job hehe. so I get paid for all this and its a free workout for me :p I loaded 748 boxes yesterday it was tough especially since I’m not supposed to have 90 pound boxes roll down the rollers and ya they were coming down like one after another, damn that fucked up trailer.... :( o well what can ya do some days are good and slow while others fuckin suck big time. o yes I have a bad habit of swearing but I cant help that sometimes haha I work with a bunch of truck drivers what do you expect(that’s so totally a non-logical excuse but it works for me haha) I’m still fuckin tired and I slept till 2:30 today what the hell is wrong with me? :/ perhaps I should take pills but I don’t know what’s a good pill to take(vitamin wise). but for now that is all. I updated for my baby Amy so she would have something to do when she got off work hehe. hopefully she reads it that is. if not then I still updated it for her haha and so everyone else knows what’s going on in my life. so that is all for now all goodbye and lyl Amy :) hehe

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Ahhhh yes [09 Aug 2004|05:41pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Ahhhhh my second journal as a live journal member and guess what I’m doing this with no problems haha. its so fun to not be single cause I like not being single especially with Amy :) hehe lyl Amy. yes the past few days have been fun I saw Amy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, what more can I want :)? also me and josh slept over at Schmitty's house and had fun doing so haha. we need to do that again. also Sunday I'm pretty sure I'm going to game works so get in touch with me if you want to go there with me, Amy, aunt n uncle and whoever else I’m going with haha there should be lots of people going :p hmmmmm, in reality I think that is all I’m going to say in here so for now that is all, goodbye all.

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